Science City, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Bharatiya Vigyan Sammelan (BVS) is a flagship program of Vijnana Bharati initiated as a vehicle to reach the masses in the pursuit of popularizing science and technology and to facilitate interactions within common people and scientific fraternity. BVS is a conglomeration of scientist, artisans,technocrats, traditional innovators, students and common people planned once in two years. It has become an excellent platform to bring together whoever contributes to science and has become anew definition and identity in the field of scientific seminars and symposiums. To date, five bharatiya vigyan sammelans have taken place starting from bhopal (2007), indore (2009),jalandhar (2012), panaji (2015), and pune (2017).

BVS aims to provide a channel of communication between traditional and modern sciences with the prospects of communicating in any bharatiya regional language and not restricting to only english as the preferred language for scientific expression.

BVS wants to champion the cause of bharatiya heritage with cordial synthesis of natural and spiritual sciences; and to motivate young scientists towards greater creativity and originality.

Objectives of BVS 2023 is mention below

  • Explore avenues for deeper scientific interaction between traditional practices /techniques and modern sciences to improve the understanding and effectiveness.

  • Showcase contemporary indian scientific contributions to the society.

  • Promote development and communication of science through regional languages.

  • Showcase grass root innovations made by artisans from different domains,farmers, fishermen and so.

  • Explore feasibility of using traditional science and technology to resolve contemporary issues.